iDocCar, a product by Acerca Partners

The company that is revolutionizing the way we manage processes in the automation sector.

Unprecedented changes are taking place in our world, a world where technology has become one of the fundamental pillars for ensuring a sustainable future in the automotive sector.

At Acerca Partners, we found out that we could do more than just asses companies in their digitalization process, we found out we have the ability to innovate and change the sector.

Our growth is not our main priority, we owe you our success. This is why we are open to cooperation and are actively working with our clients to transform innovation into tangible results while still helping your organizations grow.

Our Values

People at the heart of the business

Coupling human talent and cutting-edge technology to overcome the challenges of the automation sector.

Gender equality as engine for change

We drive innovation forward by means of diverse professionals and promoting equal working conditions.

Contributing to carbon footprint reduction

We speed up the transition towards a low-emission economy to lessen the effects of climate change.

Our Associates

We try to be more active both nationally and internationally to offer a better service and backup to our clients directly dealing with them.