iDocCar is the first Digital Process Manager in SaaS mode for the Automotive Sector.

Helps manufacturers and dealers/agencies manage all processes and documents associated with the vehicle's life cycle from the moment it leaves the factory.


iDocCar develops each process associated with the vehicle’s service life under the name “File”.

Sales Module VN and VO

Purchase Module VN and VO

Module of procedures

Campaign Module

Services Module


For each file, we have developed integrations and automatic process flows that facilitate the connection with the brand’s existing systems, creating a seamless platform.

Documentation upload, document signature, purchase status.
Extraction of customer, vehicle and campaign data.
Extraction and loading of stock information, customer invoicing.
Data extraction and requested documentation
Integrate any certified digital/biometric signature provider.
Integration with the applications of the administrative agencies to automate the procedures with the Administration (registrations, change of ownership,...).
Our architecture allows the integration of any complementary solution.

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Manual processes leading to errors and inefficiencies.


Digitisation and standardisDigitalización y estandarización de los procesos en toda la red de concesionarios

Watertight process. Difficult to access information within the company.


All the information contained in a single manager that can be accessed by as many users as needed through different roles.

Isolated and independent processes throughout the whole process.


Integration of stakeholders and administrative tasks in a digital process management solution.

Customer outside the process by managing the documentation in isolation via email or physically.


Integrated customer through a secure and easily accessible application for all participants in the vehicle purchase process.

A commitment to the environment

Actively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Climate change is a global challenge that involves everyone in every part of the world. That is why, at iDocCar, sustainability has always been at the core of our business model and our tool.

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Saved trees
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Thanks to its RestFull API architecture, the exchange of information is an easy and inexpensive process. We provide access to our endpoints for use by third parties.

ISO 27001 /TISAX

The security of systems and customer data is of paramount importance. At iDocCar we put the strictest security measures in place to protect the information and availability of the systems, so we are ISO27001 and TISAX security standards required by major European manufacturers such as BMW, MERCEDES and Volkswagen.



Variability of expenditure is the concern of every financial department. With iDocCar you avoid having CAPEX and associate your expenditure to a driver clearly identifiable by the financial area, the sales file. Avoid surprises in technology investment, all included in a single fee that is variable according to your sales.