iDocCar Sign

Solution for document signature and digital safekeeping

No requirement for

installation/updates APP-Store

API Rest microservicios

integration with third parties


Third Party Certificates in Trusted Service Provider (*)

(*) Third-party certificates will generate additional cost for certified signature services.


Digital Signature, Certified Signature, Biometric-Certified Signature

iDocSign was created as a module integrated with iDocCar for document signing and digital custody.
It allows to sign documents by means of Digital Signature, Certified Signature, Biometric-Certified Signature.
It has Signature Flows for multi-signatures.
APW Technology - Allows the application to be installed without linking to the Manufacturer or Operating System of the device.

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iDocCar Sign allows you to streamline your Dealer’s Documentary processes.

(Sale, Purchase, After-sales, Authorisations, LOPD Consents, etc.). Ideal complement for iDocCar to simplify the process of digitalisation and document custody.


iDocCar Sign is compatible with all operating systems and mobile devices.

Thanks to its APW (Progressive Web Application) technology, it will not be necessary to update the APW through the Store (App Store – Google Store).



Ensuring GDPR



Advanced Information Security Level.
Principle of Proactive Responsibility.



Back-up policies for ensuring technical and organisational security measures.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

Auditable access control.
Encryption of information to prevent data leakage.

Treatment Security

Treatment Security

Responds to the obligations of deletion and retention in the established periods.

Respond to the exercise of data subjects' rights

Respond to the exercise of data subjects' rights

Facilitates management of data access, retention, retrieval and deletion.