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You have great digital tools for your CRM, DMS, and F&I, but chances are these tools are working in silos.

Are these processes still happening in your dealerships?

  • Sales Consultants are still walking from their cubical to F&I and back
  • Managers are walking desk to desk manually approving paper documents and marking off checklists
  • Customer data is being re-entered from your CRM into DMS, Incentives, and Registrations with errors
  • OEM District Managers are visiting stores checking on sales, incentives, and warranties

If so, it’s time to enhance your tools to make them truly digital and to automate the processes above.

By bringing your CRM, DMS, F&I and Registrations into 1 automated end-to-end platform, your team could work from anywhere and manage the sales process live in real-time.

With an automated platform:

  • Customer data is digital, secure, and automatically flows from CRM to DMS to F&I to Registrations (DMV)
  • Sales Consultants and Managers perform their tasks and approvals online in real time
  • Deal Jackets are 100% digital (no paperwork with customer I.D., financing, and registrations floating around the office or in storage)
  • OEMs can audit sales, incentives, and warranties online in real time by brand by dealer

Truly digitalizing and automating the end-to-end sales process allows the OEMs and dealers to standardize the sales process throughout their entire network. More importantly, with controlled and automated processes, OEMs and dealers can easily transition from in-store to on-line to direct B2C sales.

iDocCar can help you with the digital transformation by getting rid of your silos and bringing your current OEM and dealership tools into one end-to-end automated platform.

Are you ready for the sales evolution?