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The advancement in the digitalization of the automotive industry is at a point of maximum boom. The need for dealers to update their management systems, optimize results through efficient process management, and integrate all users and companies into processes that maximize time, translates into an increase in the demand for 100% efficient tools.

In this context, there are several companies that have opted for the digitalization of their processes, such as Toyota Spain, KIA Spain, and Volkswagen Group Retail Spain, the latest additions to the client portfolio of the Acerca Partners group and its software solution, iDocCar.

The digital revolution is the path to a successful future

The digital revolution has entered our lives like an elephant in a China shop. No sector of the economy has been left out.  As we advance with iDocCar, the client in 2022 will be totally different. With the increasing adoption and use of technology in our lives, the way we buy a car has changed dramatically.  Therefore, having the right digital tools in the dealership is now essential.  The automotive sector is immersed in full digital transformation and this is a revolution that has affected dealers very closely.

Looking ahead to the upcoming years, the distribution network faces the challenge of completely transforming its business model. This is not a mere change in business mindset.  We must be aware that the distribution network is advancing to become an integrated link in the relationship between brand and customer.  The consumers are the one who use the technology, and commercial efforts must be directed toward them.  However, the transition to the digital world of dealers must be done as a gradual, solid, and strategic process.

The goal of the new agency model is none other than to provide the client with a brand experience. In essence, the consumer seeks in its relationship with the dealers’ basic standards already installed in other sectors.  The problem is that the digitalization of dealerships requires investments in technology, as well as the unification of all management onto a single platform. In this sense, iDocCar’s digital process management  allows you to control the entire process with maximum safety and effectiveness from one platform

The figures support iDocCar’s digital tool

In recent years, the ability to adapt to digitalization and the new buying habits of consumers have been key to the success and survival of many companies, including dealers.  As highlighted by the SERES Foundation, the percentage of Spanish companies that have started a digital transformation process in the last two years is between 40 and 45%.

Many dealers have opted for iDocCar’s digital  process management  tool; a software that allows the transformation of manual processes into processes managed by digital files and automated tasks. iDocCar’s portfolio of satisfied customers includes large car manufacturers such as Kia, Toyota, Porsche, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and the Volkswagen Group.

For example, Toyota Spain recognizes that iDocCar’s digital tools have brought great advantages over its previous file managers in just one year. iDocCar process manager has enabled the company’s Spanish division to obtain great benefits in terms of efficiency, automation, costs, and sustainability.

No less satisfied is Volkswagen Group Retail Spain (VGRS). iDocCar software has allowed their dealer network to optimize processes, improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and save costs.  Since its inception, iDocCar has managed more than 7.3 million documents.  Overall, more than 1 million sales files (deal jackets) have been processed, with 3,168 registered users.

This data translates into an annual saving in operational costs generating 13.4 million, which represents approximately € 18.75 per new or used vehicle sale.  Undoubtedly, this is very interesting data that proves that an efficient process management tool can be very profitable for the company.

The management of all these documents translates into 9,729 trees saved, thanks to digitization and paper savings.  In time management, our work translates into no less than 216,195 hours in direct and indirect savings, which represents a saving of over an hour per sale.

What does the iDocCar solution bring to dealers?

The strong figures of iDocCar are not the result of luck or chance, but of accumulated experience and know-how. The advantages provided by iDocCar software are easily appreciable and, above all, quantifiable.  Digital process management allows dealers to optimize, standardize, digitize, and store all the processes associated with the life of the vehicle.

Thanks to this, efficiency is increased, manual errors are eliminated, and document loss is avoided. As the entire organization works under the same pre-defined conditions and requirements (ISO philosophy), it is possible to avoid any loss of know-how.  In addition, the correct audit of all archived processes is guaranteed. Unlike other tools, the process management is carried throughout the entire sales file (deal jacket) and not just one department or one single document.

The software integrates information stored in the cloud between dealership departments (and tools) and permits online access to documents from any device to all team members involved in the sale process. With this, it reduces search times and eliminates the loss of documents  iDocCar includes unlimited users and is compatible with the main document managers on the market.

Since iDocCar is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, it is sold as a pay-as-you-go service.  There is no investment to be made in licenses, servers, systems, or materials.  Dealers pays per file managed and the price varies according to the number of total files managed. Furthermore, a digital file corrects many of the problems detected in the sales process, thus creating  a significant amount of time plus direct and indirect costs.

The future is digital. Digitalization is here. iDocCar, through more than 100 documented processes, allows dealers to manage all the processes associated with the life cycle of the vehicle from one integrated platform.  iDocCar is a modular and digital tool adapted to the specific needs of your dealer network and your budget.

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